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专利业务法人HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK的商标以地图为背景,在这张地图中,以陆地的大小及形状表示1991年登记的发明专利件数。



High-Expertise Legal Services

A Guide to Trademark Applications



April 1st, 2014

In response to the budgets of our clients, we provide the following two types of legal services concerning “TradeMark”, namely “Premium (High-Expertise Legal Services)” and“LCS(Low Cost Strategy)”.

For clients' valuable TradeMarks, important and strategic TradeMarks such as House Marks, Product Names, Company Names, Japanese TradeMarks as a prerequisite to international application, we recommend "Premium (High-Expertise Legal Service) , carried out by our team of highly dependable TradeMark specialists.


"Premium (High-Expertise Legal Service)" is a high-quality legal service provided by TradeMark specialists who possess high expertise, including consultation on application strategies through obtaining right.

 ■Full support from high-accuracy search to exertion as well as management of right after registration.

 ■High-end and cordial consultation and advice provided by our TradeMark specialists.



Schedule of Fees for Premium


Attorney's Fee

Official Fee

Fees to be paid to the JPO

At the time of filing an application

Search Fee

12,000 JPY

From 30,000 JPY
Fee-charging  database usage fees

Fees for Filing an Application

Additional Fee per class added

Electronic filing fee・postage

63,000 JPY

44,000 JPY

8,000 JPY

At the time of registration

Registration fee

Additional Registration Fee per class added


16,400 JPY

(For 5 years)

22,000 JPY

15,000 JPY

1,500 JPY


Note: For "LCS " please refer to Schedule of Fee for LCS(Low Cost Strategy)



1. The above Official fee (Fees to be paid to the JPO) is the fee charged in case when the goods classification is in ONE class.


2. For each class added to the goods classification, as an Official fee (Fees to be paid to the JPO) an additional fee of 8,600 JPY at the time of filing the application and an additional fee of 16,400 JPY at the time of registration will be necessary.


3.  The electronic data-handling fee, as part of the above Attorney's fee, varies depending on the number of pages in the application document normally the fee is between 2,000 JPY and 8,000 JPY.


4.  At the time of filing an application, if a claim of priority under the Paris Convention is desired, an additional fee of 10,000 - 15,000 JPY is necessary.


5.  When we conduct the "search for prior registrations" before filing an application, in addition to the J-PlatPat (Japan Patent Office TradeMark search database), there is the option to also use fee-charging databases such as BRANDY and INFOSONAR.


6.  Following the filing of an application, if a notification of Reasons for refusal is issued and response to this is desired, a separate Attorney's fee for interim services (ex: written argument,amendments etc.) will be incurred normally the fee is between 60,000 JPY and 120,000 JPY.


7.  In our firm, our TradeMark specialists offer cordial support in line with the wishes and intentions of our clients. The charges for our TradeMark specialists' advice, consulting service, responses to queries and other sundries are included in the above fees.