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专利业务法人HARAKENZO WORLD PATENT & TRADEMARK的商标以地图为背景,在这张地图中,以陆地的大小及形状表示1991年登记的发明专利件数。




Foreign Trademark Renewal

Application for Renewal Registration of Foreign TradeMark (Excluding Japan)


May 1st, 2014



We provide you with an agent business of the FTR (Foreign Trademark Renewal) at low prices.  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this service.



Number of goods classifications

Our Attorney’s Fee


1 class

25,000 JPY

Our Attorney’s Fee

+ Local Attorney’s Fee

+ Official Fee


2 classes

30,000 JPY

3 classes

35,000 JPY




Regarding the local agent, please select one of the following two options:

[1] the local agent you select

[2] the local agent whom we are in business with (In that case, we select the local agent.)


Our Attorney’s Fee includes fees of the application for renewal registration, but does not include fees of notarization of various documents, consular legalization, filing of declaration of use, etc.


[ Multiple renewal registration in one request ]

We also welcome your request for renewal registrations of tens, hundreds, and thousands of trademarks at one time. In this case, please state in “Others” of Request Form that you are “considering application for renewal registrations of plural trademarks”. We will then contact you and inquire you about the trademarks for which you wish renewal registration.


[ Switch to new application at the time of renewal ]

Some may decide to file a new application of a trademark which they are currently using instead of renewal registration as a result of comparison between the used trademark and a registered trademark. We will pursuit the best way for you in various foreign countries/areas and make an effort to maximize client's benefit, so please feel free to consult us.



[Flow of Procedure]

Please fill out the followings in the Request Form below:


(1) Registration number of the trademark you would like to renew; and

(2) Name of the country; and

(3) If you would like to designate the local agent, the name of the local office, the name of the person in charge, E-mail address and the telephone number


Our staff member will contact you and let you know the flow of the procedure.





We recommend this service to those who would like to receive low-cost legal service concerning application for renewal of registration of a foreign countries’ trademark (excluding Japan) while enjoying sense of safety with reliable support of a large-scale, international, integrated, and well organized intellectual property law firm.